ICT’s in the Classroom

I have already started to make a list of the ICT’s I am hoping to integrate into the lesson plans from c2c that I have been given to teach from, of course this will be with approval, and although it may not be approved I gave it a shot.  Computers for students to engage in research and games for specific curriculum areas, digital cameras to record their learning along the way, three ring – app to order and classify examples of students work I collect along the way.  And of course the IWB – to engage students in a whole class environment, activities will include interactive games in all curriculum areas, online stories, YouTube videos, recording and presenting our learning.  Although this is a short list at the moment and one I am hoping to make larger, it is quite a big deal for this class as they don’t use any at the moment.  If anyone has any other suggestions they wold like to add, please do.

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