First Day

This Thursday was  the first day of my prac, as I have a make up day for during prac, due to a local public holiday.  I felt very comfortable in the classroom, the students remembered me, the teacher was open and supportive in answering my questions.  I was asked to be an observer for the day, to ease me into the classroom and to assist me in getting a feel for how behaviour management was carried out, identifying students needs, and the expectations of the students while in the classroom.  I also learned and observed about everyday task and activities that were carried out regularly and I was instructed about the teaching that takes place between the two teachers who work together to present students the curriculum.  I still have concerns about the amount of ICT’s I will be able to get into the classroom and the lessons that I am to teach.  I suppose it’s just nerves, I always find the first few days are an adjustment and then I have to best time and very quickly PE comes to an end, just as your getting into it.  So I will tell myself to enjoy every bit of it as time will fly, I want to learn as much as possible from my mentor, and from first impressions so far, we have very similar personalities, organisations skills and mannerisms when we teach.   I am excited, but nervous and worried a little, the learning these little guys will engage in is all in my hands, and I want to do the very best for them.

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