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During my search for Topics of Interest learning path this week, I came across a blog by Vicki Williams, where she discuss the use of Classroom Blogs.  I really really want to do this while out on prac.  I am just a bit unsure how it will go with year 1 students.  Getting my head around the concept is also doing my head in a little. Kathleen Morris over at Primary Tech outlines the benefits of classroom blogging, she lists the benefits as

  • Social skills
  • Internet safety
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Home school
  • ICT skills
  • Classroom community
  • Authentic audience
  • Global connections

Kathleen describes classroom blogging as the platform for everything and a fantastic way to introduce students to technology and to get them experiencing with ICT.  Technoliteracy has also developed a short video on the the benefits of Classroom Blogging.  And lastly the school bloggers address the benefit of blogging for students as showcasing students work to a greater audience, improve and develop on a range of skills, students become independent learners, differentiated to meet all abilities and everyone learns and teaches.

Kathleen also outlines 10 tips for introducing blogging into the classroom, these will be used when implementing blogging during my professional experience

  • Start small – start with a simple blog (could be a whole class activity utilising the IWB)
  • Integrate – other areas of the curriculum
  • Be regular – set aside some time each week for blogging, and be sure to read students blogs
  • Start local before global
  • Begin with a class blog – doing a class blog first before students have their own blog allows them to build all the skills that is required to develop their own blog
  • Teach quality commenting – initially write the posts and allow students to comment, explicit teaching + high expectations + regular feedback + authentic motivation = high quality writing, developing a strong literacy focus.
  • Integrate Internet safety – ensuring students are responsible online members
  • Collaborate – fins buddies within the school to start your blogging, may even be another class within the school and learn together
  • Get parents involved
  • Keep going – blogs are easy to set up but require persistence to keep them going

While researching this topic, I can say that I got more and more excited about classroom blogging, although instead of students individual blogs, with year 1 students I think a class blog would be more beneficial and realistic, although this will then also have to be something that the classroom teacher would have to be willing to keep up with.

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