More Professional Experience

The learning journey this week has continued to be professional experience based the whole way through the week.  While visiting other student’s blogs this week and networking with them I read a great post by Mrs Poulter that discusses not only what we need to do as a university requirement for preparing for prac, but also our family and home lives.  Preparing our families and our already busy home lives can be one of the hardest parts of prac, even more so for my family.  I have 3 boys, 13, 10 and 8, my youngest two have both been diagnosed with Asperger (ASD) and although they are very different in their behaviours and mannerisms, they both do share routines and being adhered to their routines.  So as you can imagine me being out of the house and out of all their normal routines for 15 days is extremely stressful for them, which then means extremely stressful for the whole house.  That’s just one areas of our lives that needs to be organised during prac, and there is so much more, if I discussed them all I would be here forever.  I am a big list maker and organiser, so I do have that on my side, all I do tell my boys is though that it’s only 15 days, and we do a visual countdown.

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