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This week as part of our weekly tasks, students were asked to design and create a concept map on why ICT’s should be included in their teaching.  I have never done an electronic concept map before, so this was going to be fun.  As I didn’t know what programs were out there to allow you to do this, I started networking with other students through discussions and following their blogs to find out what others were using and how much success they had had with these programs.  One name kept coming up, I gave the program a go, and played with it’s feature to see if it suited my needs.  It’s fantastic!  First I am a little of a traditionalist (this I hope to change) I made lists with pen and paper of everything I thought were important, all my thoughts and ideas about including ICT’s in the classroom.  IT WAS A MESS, notes everywhere.  I then took these notes and entered the data into, WOW, it totally transformed my messy unreadable notes (In places) to this very organised, easy to read set of ideas and thought.  I love it, and will be using this program again, just imagine what it could do for students in the classroom.  All their ideas and thoughts would be easy to understand, organised and ready for other students to add their ideas to.  Most of all I just love how everything is organised and easy to follow.

Miss M a fellow students has provided a very informative concept map over at her blog, I love it, great job.  And another at Emma Smolenaers take a look, these ladies have put in a lot of work and Emma provides a different medium to look at besides the, that I used.

I have included the link to for you to take a look for yourself at this wonderful, engaging program.


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